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High Five: Easter Time!

Well hello there humans, so we meet again.

This delightful Sunday afternoon isn’t like any ordinary delightful Sunday afternoon. Oh no, for today, I welcome you to an egg-stra special Easter High Five.
So just for today, forget guacamole and all the other stuff I usually mutter on about. Today, it’s all about the chocolate.

Now I realize you’re probably sat at home, munching on an egg or two, but I’m warning you in advance, prepare to get some serious egg-envy. We have hunted high and low, far and wide, just to bring you the very best of the best when it comes to the EE world. So, enjoy.

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First of all, I present to you the eye-wateringly pricey. (See far left) We all love a bit of chocolate from time-to-time, but I’m sure you’ll agree, parting with £10,000 for some is a little excessive. However since it was auctioned off for charity, it’s worth every penny.

Next up, we’ve got the real deal. It’s time to pick up on our French, pronto, as we’re heading to Paris for this one. To Jadis et Gourmande, to be exact, where hen eggs have been craftilly filled with chocolate praline goodness. Oh damn, now I’m feeling pretty hungry…

Now this next one, I would happily have in my garden. Who cares if money doesn’t really grow on trees – easter eggs do, and boy am I thrilled. Located in Germany, this incredible tree is decorated every year, and is transformed into a larger than life chocolate delight. Have a little google of the ‘Volker Kraft easter tree’ to see more awesome, hunger-inducing snaps.

Here we have a serious case of badass. No longer is there a need to create a magical potion of chocolate and clockwork, (because let’s be honest, you’ve always wanted to do that haven’t you?) hell no, you can simply save your time and effort, and buy one. All for yours at a bargain price of £5,000. What you waiting for?

Now finally, I’ve calmed myself from all the easter bunny excitement, and I’m raking it in a little. This Hotel Chocolat offering is probably something a little more like what you have in front of you right now. Having said that, it has an uberly awesome caramel shaped twist to it. And at under £7, it’s something I’m gonna feel less guilty indulging in.

So last of all, may I wish you a very merry easter, and ask how many eggs you plan on demolishing today? Apologies, I really don’t mean to be personal, I just want to feel less guilty about how many I plan on eating…

Bryony Dodds ate far too many Easter eggs

Meet Tom Hooker


Over the past few years of exploration and study I have seen far more mysterious, beautiful and amazing beings than the collective fictional works of Steven Spielberg (E.T, Jurassic Park) George Lucas (Star Wars) and Jim Henson (Muppets, Labyrinth) combined. Real and documented creatures from some of the world’s most inhospitable environments and from the darkest depths of the seven seas that resemble something more extra terrestrial looking than you’d find in a science fiction comic book.

My name is Tom Hooker and I’m the new Creature Curiosities blogger for Saint Kidd.

I invite you to come aboard on my adventure each week as we dive into the wonderful world of the planets most interestingly ugly, advanced, adapted and amazing animals and get to the bottom of some of those timelessly classic tales of a pirates life.


Name: Tom Hooker

Job: Marine Zoologist

Weirdest thing you’ve ever done:
Had a man dressed as a penguin bring the rings down the aisle at my wedding!

Most days you’ll find me…:
Chilling in the pool, soaking up the rays with my boys Morgan, Aero and Crusoe down in sunny North Devon – Oh, did I mention that Morgan and the boys are all California Sea Lions?

Simpsons character you most look like: Hank Scorpio – Super Villain, Philanthropist.

Favourite Saint Kidd shirt: Blow Me Down


Tom Hooker will be blogging weekly from Saint Kidd. Come back every friday to read his curious findings from the animal kingdom. @TomAlexHooker

Meet Bryony Dodds


As well as living in the real world, I also happen to have two other homes-from-home, located within the mystical land of the internet. The first residence, as you may already be aware, is the Saint Kidd blog.
Twice a week, I provide you b-e-a-utiful readers my musings on the fashion, DIY and lifestyle shaped varieties of life, similarly to my own blog, (my second virtual crib) The Life Edit, where I also like to share the deets on hair and beauty sized bites, too.

I’m the friend who’ll politely tell you that those sandals don’t really go with the leather leggings – but don’t you worry I have a spare pair of heels in my hand bag.

My name is Bryony Dodds and I’m the Saint Kidd fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Name: Bryony Dodds, but you can call me Bry

Job: Fashion journalism degree student and wannabe full-time blogger

Weirdest thing I’ve ever done: Had a raging crush on Boy George. Not entirely sure why, maybe it was the hat and braid combo? Don’t judge me too much, I was only six. Ok, I understand the judging. Luckily for me, my taste in men has changed a fair bit since then, no offence George.

Most days you’ll find me: Sitting on my ass, blogging. If we fast forward to September, however, then a combination of both sitting on my ass and finishing my degree.

Simpson lookalike: Apparently, Laura Powers. However I personally feel me and Sideshow Bob share more similarities…

Favourite Saint Kidd shirt: Nox Caelum.


Bryony blogs each Thursday and hits us with a High Five on Sundays – @brydodds


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