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The Basalisk Lizard


Photo – Jonny Butt – Pinterest

So who of my lovely Saint Kidd readers loves the X-men?  Or maybe super hero films like The Avengers, Iron Man or Thor?  I sure as heck do and that’s because I have always given great consideration to the question…”If you could have one super power what would it be?”  Would it be to fly? To heal people? Or even the cool, yet slightly creepy option of being invisible?  The choices are endless, but imagine if people like the X-men really did exist?

Being a lover of the water and the Oceans, if I were a mutant I would love to have super aquatic abilities, like breathing underwater or walking on water.  But for this week’s incredible little Rainforest animal, this is not a wish, but reality.

Basalisk Lizard

Photo: Sasha Pearson – Pinterest

To the people of South and Central America he is known as the ‘Jesus Christ Lizard’ because of its ability to walk on water.  Its real name, the Basilisk Lizard.  Taken from the Greek word Basiliskos, meaning “Little King” they weigh on average 100grams (about the same weight as an iPhone or a tuna sandwich) and have crest-like sails on their head, back and tail.  In essence, they look like mini Dinosaurs, awesome!  Their most impressive feature is their feet which are specially adapted, webbed feet that act as paddles to propel itself forward through the water when escaping predators.

Ok, so enough said for now, check out the video, then read on…

The way it runs is hilarious hey.  But as funny as it looks, it is in fact a near miracle how it does it.  Its run is simply described in 3 phases known as the ‘slap’, ‘stroke’ and ‘recovery’, (sounds like some old age pensioners getting it on hey).  But as the little fella approaches the water he raises up onto his hind legs and begins to run.  The second his first foot “slaps” the water it starts to sink ever so slightly, here it quickly pushes backwards and outwards (the “stroke” phase) which then propels the basilisk forwards onto his other foot and just as the other foot “slaps” the water the initial foot lifts out of the water (the “recovery”).

They are also incredible swimmers too that can hold their breath for 30 minutes at a time. As If all that coolness wasn’t enough, another awesome way they survive and avoid deadly predators is by quickly burying themselves in the sand.  No sooner do they start to burrow the hole, a special ring of muscles in each nostril close up to prevent sand getting up its nose.  Man, I wish my phone could do that, every time I’d come back from a days diving, I’d find half of Barbados inside my charging port.  Oh it was a hard old life living in the Caribbean, haha.

So guys, what would be your x-men power?

Blog by @TomAlexHooker


The Highest of Fives



The Loved Ones

Now this one’s strictly for all you readers over the age of 18. Being a horror film buff, I’ve seen a fair few in my 21 years on planet earth. The Loved Ones was a new one for me up until recently, but is super duper rad. Set in Australia, it’s basically a high school horror unlike any you’ve seen before. Totally awesome, totally creepy and the main dude has grade A hair. Go watch at once.


Bill’s has been on my radar for quite some time now, however living in the north there’s not one on my doorstep. Until now, that is. On a trip to York earlier in the week, I rather excitedly noticed a newly opened Bill’s, so of course, had to go give it a whirl. So, so good! They have the coolest food, the coolest décor, and the super green smoothie is especially delicious. And don’t even get me started on the donuts either. Nomalicious.


So I ain’t one to regularly get my hair chopped, but sometimes, change is a good thing. Last week, I bit the bullet and booked an appointment of the trim variation. Fast forward to Friday and I was sat around a load of my locks located at my feet. My head now feels a hell of a lot lighter (cya chewbacca), healthier, and now has this cool fringy thing going on. But since my hair grows like Rapunzel, I guess I gotta go to the hairdressers a little more often if I wanna be keepin’ this bob…

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil lip balm

I’ve been using a lot of products from The Body Shop this past month or so, and a more recent discovery on my half is part of their newest, Wild Argan Oil range. The Argan Oil lip balm, though a mere £4, is a super hydrating, softening lip balm, which feels about ten times more luxurious than it’s minuscule price tag. It also smells pretty lush, and remains a staple in my bag at all times.

The Imaginarium

As mentioned earlier, I paid a recent visit to the city of York, and whilst browsing the streets, I discovered a store by the name of The Imaginarium. Stocking homeware, room fragrance and much, much more, the shop is made up of beautiful pieces displayed in the most stunning, eye-catching ways. A totally brilliant addition to the historic city of York and somewhere I will undoubtedly be visiting again in the near future.

Now tell me, what’s been revving your engine this week?



High Five: What we need this August…


UntitledBumble shampoo

Perhaps my favourite hair wash in the whole entire world, the Bumble & Bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner was literally made for this time of year. Like the spritz, the duo gives the hair that fresh from the beach, surfery look, and I  love it. Admittedly not the cheapest of hair products out there, however even with frequent use they still manage last an eternity (which is a good thing I ensure you). But don’t take my word for it, go try the stuff out for yourself.

Planet of the apes
I recently took a trip to the cinema. The film of choice happened to the sequel that is Dawn of The Planet of The Apes. Two hours of pure awesome, I was seriously impressed. The storyline, the cast and the special effects were all top, top notch, and if you haven’t done so already, I would highly recommend giving it a watch.

OK, so I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned this before… BUT PIZZA IS DA BEST. Totally unhealthy, but totally finger-licking good, so who really gives a flyin’ poop every once in a while? Not me.

Lush lip scrub
Here I am again rambling on about yet another beauty favourite. For me this week, it’s aaaall about a lip scrub courtesy of homemade goodies store, Lush. I’ve been a fan for years, however after making a recent re-purchase I remembered why I loved the stuff so much. Available in a variety of flavours, the scrubs are designed to de-rid of any dead skin that may be lurking on and around your pout. Totally gross, but they taste super nom and make your lipstick go on a hell of a lot better. Mint Julips and Popcorn are my personal favourites of the bunch.

Air conditioning
A slightly random one to finish off a High Five with, but my favourite by far. Working in retail can mean you are regularly rushed off your feet – especially in the current sale period. This can leave you feeling a little hot and bothered, especially so when you add a broken for three weeks air-con system into the mix. Because of this rather unfortunate scenario I have come to truly appreciate the beauty that is AC – making it my number one this week.

Now tell me, what’s been jingling your bells the past seven days?

Blog by @brydodds

The Bullet Ant


Germany may have won the world cup last month but Brazil and South America still kick ass when it comes to awesome animals and wildlife right? For starters, you guys have the Amazon rainforest which is the coolest place in the world for awesome animals. It’s also the home of the most painful insect sting on the planet too…The Bullet Ant. To the locals it is known as “Hormiga Veinticuatro”, the 24 hour ant, referring to the length of time you will experience a very large amount of pain…nice!!

This is where I introduce Julian Schmidt. Now crazy old Julian has been stung by over 150 different insects in his life, so he decided to come up with the Schmidt Sting Pain Index. It goes from 0-4 with 1 being the least painful (like a mosquito bite), 2 the sting of a honey bee and 4 being the highest with stings from Tarantula Hawk Wasps, Warrior Wasps and the most painful of them all…the Bullet ant.

Getting its name because the pain is often compared to that of being shot by a bullet, Schimdt however compares the bite to be more like (and I quote) “being hit by 20,000 volts with 24 hours of burning, throbbing pains”. He also said “They just make you want to lay down and die. You are just screaming in pain and agony”. Hmm, nice! But, since the name “the 20,000 volt ant that makes you want to lay down and die” is not as catchy, it remains for now to be known as the Bullet Ant.


To look at them, they are reddish-black, the same size as a large wasp and live in colonies inside the base of trees. But if you thought being bitten by 1 was bad, think again. The Satere-Mawe Tribe from the Amazon rainforest use these ants to welcome a young boy into manhood (how lovely of them). They collect a whole swarm of the ants, drug them, weave them into a pair of gloves and then when they wake all annoyed and super angry, the young boy places his hands into the gloves for 10 long minutes. “It’s like having your hands on fire” said one Satere man. Now, sadly I can say I have felt that pain as some idiot set my arm on fire when I was 16 and it remains to this day the most painful experience of my life.

But here’s the brutal part for the young “soon to be men” of the Satere-Mawe tribe. If the boy cries or screams, the process must be repeated again until he manages to endure the pain without showing it. It has been known to take up to a staggering 20 attempts!!! Personally I prefer the Jewish tradition of a bar mitzvah where the young boy has a huge party and showered with gifts or the American “Sweet 16” parties where they are given a car or a pony. But hey ho, that’s just me and it takes all sorts to make a world right?

So, who thinks they are brave enough to join the Satere-Mawe tribe? I think I would be.

Blog by @TomAlexHooker

Style Guide: Pinafore


In the history of all style guides on this here blog my legs have been concealed by either jeans, tights or some other form of cloth. Not an intentional thing of any sort, however on today’s post I’m embracing the sunshine and wearing a pinafore dress.

Garments of the pinafore/dungaree variation are super hot right now if the high street is anything to go by. Comfy, cool and uber wearable – what’s not to love? Whether plain or printed, they remain the main focus of an outfit, and although anything from a vest to a button shirt would rock, I like to pair mine with a simple sleeved tee due to the rather changeable weather that the UK brings.


Speaking of the whole British weather scenario, depending on your shoe situation, it may be advisable to pack a pair of tights in your bag if you’re out for a full day of adventure. I, of course, forgot to do this! However take a peek at my shoes and you’ll see it was probably for the best…

We’re now (rather unfortunately) into the last month of Summer, so if you fancy sporting a pinafore/dungaree getup for yourself – now’s your chance.

Are you a fan of the pinafore? How do you like to wear yours?

Blog by @BryDodds


High Five: August


Loom bands

Seemingly the current ‘in’ jewellery trend, loom bands are seriously taking over the accessory world. Yes, I know I’m no longer six, but I do happen to have a little sister who is my source of all things loom, and to be honest, I think the things are pretty damn cool. Are you a fan?

Sanctuary spa 5 minute thermal mask

We all need a little TLC, from time-to-time, and being a blogger of the beauty variation, I enjoy trying out lots of skincare treats. Something I’ve been particularly loving as of late is the Sanctuary spa 5 minute thermal mask. Essentially a detox for your face, this stuff helps to rid of any nasties you may have luring within your pores. Although I live in the heart of the countryside, I’m pretty sure this would work especially well for those living in a city where air pollution can cause havoc to the complexion. For only £7, it won’t pull on those purse strings too much. Amazing stuff.


Apologies if this wee mention makes your stomach rumble, but how rad are BBQs? All this sunshine we’ve been having lately has proven to be the perfect excuse for regular outside sittings, and I for one having been loving it. Barbecued strawberries are bloody amazing things. Nom.

Escape from tomorrow

I dig movies. I also dig randomness. And Disney? Yeah that’s pretty cool too. So it would make sense that I would dig a certain movie by the name of Escape From Tomorrow. Containing all three of the above, the flick is 104 minutes of weird. I think I liked it… in fact, if you take away the fact I was left repeatedly scratching my head in confusion, then yes, yes I would recommend giving it a watch. Only thing, it made me really want to go to Disneyland.


Last but not least, it’s only fair that this here High Five features a big welcome to the month of August. (insert voluntary August introduction here). Considered the hottest month of the year (in the UK at least) August is generally filled with sunshine, scantily clad individuals and perhaps a few more barbecues? Hurrah for August. Although not always, may we remind you of the shorts style guide we did a little while back?

What’s been tickling your taste buds this week?

Blog by @brydodds

Sasquatch…Part 2


First up guys, if you haven’t read part 1, where the heck have you been? Quick, go back to the old blogs and try to not get distracted by the lovely Bryony Dodds blogs and read the first part of this blog “Sasquatch” to catch up with the rest of us.
Now, things are about to get a lot more interesting.

The Story so far…naughty old Sasquatch have been terrorising campers, kidnapping gold miners and a whole load of creepy other things. But being just a rumour wasn’t enough for the fury old guys, nope, they wanted to be famous, and in 1958, that is exactly what they got.
The international media got hold of a story of a construction team in Bluff Creek Northern California that had arrived at work one morning to find all their massive heavy equipment thrown around like toys with gigantic foot prints all over the ground…this is when the tabloids gave birth to the super catchy name of “Big Foot”.
Now, firstly an important point for the “non-believers” out there. People reporting these early Big Foot sightings didn’t know each other, nor did they know of the accounts of the other sightings in North America. Nothing trending on YouTube or popping up on their Twitter feeds, they were all isolated incidents with ridiculously similar descriptions of the illusive nocturnal creature.


One guy was such a believer that he decided to make a documentary about them and got more than he bargained for. Roger Patterson in October 67 went to the now famous ‘Bluff Creek’ on horseback with his friend Bob to interview old witnesses. The crazy pair had heard rumours that fresh new tracks had been spotted up the canyon, so off they went. It wasn’t long before they were shocked by what they saw. There, crouched over by the river, it was BigFoot. Patterson’s horse got spooked, went mental and began bucking. Patterson quickly jumped off, grabbed his camera from the saddle bag and ran towards the Sasquatch. Shaking with terror and excitement he tried his best to focus in on it and film whilst it crossed the river and walked off into the bushes. Did someone finally get physical evidence of BigFoot? Have a watch for yourself…

Later when the footage was developed, none of the American zoology institutes would allow for the showing of the video to its scientists and dismissed it as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘fake’ without ever even watching it. Months later, experts at the Disney Movie Studios got involved (and you thought they just make cartoons). At the time, Disney were world leaders in movie animatronics and they straight up ruled out any ‘special effects’, ‘animation’ or ‘visual trickery’ and said…
“The film showed a real figure, moving in real time in a real place”.

So guys, there you have it, a real video, with a real moving creature. All that remains to ask is “was it Big Foot or just Patterson’s mate Bob in a Monkey suit?
You decide.

Blog by @tomalexhooker

Style Guide: The Plaid Shirt


Although jewellery is a rad and easy way to jazz up an outfit, occasionally it’s fun to do it a little differently. Something myself, and many others are opting do to after getting dressed and heading out the door, is to add a plaid shirt to the mix. Heck, it’s been far too warm as of late to sport such a thing, however instead tie-ing your shirt around the waist is a great way to add a little extra something to an attire. Currently the ‘in’ thing to do, this addition is both effortless and cool, and pretty darn comfy, too. Not only that, but if the rain makes an unwanted appearance… you’re safe.

Whilst the plaid shirt is a fairly adaptable piece, it’s best avoided if you’re already sporting a print-heavy getup. Not doing so could leave you looking a little OTT in the print department, and possibly give you a headache in the process. Bummer. I like to team my plaid shirts (I have quite the collection) with a simple tee, skinny jeans and boots combo, but shorts, a vest or even a dress would work just as well. Finally adding a little bling with a loom band courtesy of my little sister, and I’m good to go.

Are you a fan of the plaid shirt? How do you wear yours?


Style Guide: Striped Tees


Ask me my favourite city in the world, and I will most likely tell you Paris.
The culture, the food, the language – I dig it all. But the style, the style is what I most adore.

Parisian woman are beautiful. They have that whole, ‘effortlessly chic’ thing going on, and they seriously know how to work it. The look is adaptable and cool, and most of all, so easy to throw on. Probably why I’m such a fan?

The classic, and most ‘typically French’ wardrobe staple (minus a beret, of course) has to be the stripe breton tee. Adapted from French sailors, it was originally deemed ‘stylish’ thanks to Coco Chanel way back in the 30s after she paired one with palazzo pants. Since, the piece has been sported on fashionistas all over the globe, and for a good reason.


A wardrobe essential for just short of ninety years, the breton is the ideal candidate if you’re ever looking to invest in a staple piece to add to your collection. Otherwise, you can pick one up pretty reasonably from the likes of Zara, Petit Bateau and asos.

Thriving on the whole laid-back vibe, I chose to team my shirt with a trusty skinny jean and heel combo, before finishing off with a tan pouch and stack full’a rings. The hair frizz, however, came free of charge, and was courtesy of the heat wave we’re currently in the midst of.

This gem will never go out of fashion.
Are you a fan of the breton tee? How do you wear yours?

Blog by @BryDodds

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