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Meet Tom Hooker


Over the past few years of exploration and study I have seen far more mysterious, beautiful and amazing beings than the collective fictional works of Steven Spielberg (E.T, Jurassic Park) George Lucas (Star Wars) and Jim Henson (Muppets, Labyrinth) combined. Real and documented creatures from some of the world’s most inhospitable environments and from the darkest depths of the seven seas that resemble something more extra terrestrial looking than you’d find in a science fiction comic book.

My name is Tom Hooker and I’m the new Creature Curiosities blogger for Saint Kidd.

I invite you to come aboard on my adventure each week as we dive into the wonderful world of the planets most interestingly ugly, advanced, adapted and amazing animals and get to the bottom of some of those timelessly classic tales of a pirates life.


Name: Tom Hooker

Job: Marine Zoologist

Weirdest thing you’ve ever done:
Had a man dressed as a penguin bring the rings down the aisle at my wedding!

Most days you’ll find me…:
Chilling in the pool, soaking up the rays with my boys Morgan, Aero and Crusoe down in sunny North Devon – Oh, did I mention that Morgan and the boys are all California Sea Lions?

Simpsons character you most look like: Hank Scorpio – Super Villain, Philanthropist.

Favourite Saint Kidd shirt: Blow Me Down


Tom Hooker will be blogging weekly from Saint Kidd. Come back every friday to read his curious findings from the animal kingdom. @TomAlexHooker

Meet Bryony Dodds


As well as living in the real world, I also happen to have two other homes-from-home, located within the mystical land of the internet. The first residence, as you may already be aware, is the Saint Kidd blog.
Twice a week, I provide you b-e-a-utiful readers my musings on the fashion, DIY and lifestyle shaped varieties of life, similarly to my own blog, (my second virtual crib) The Life Edit, where I also like to share the deets on hair and beauty sized bites, too.

I’m the friend who’ll politely tell you that those sandals don’t really go with the leather leggings – but don’t you worry I have a spare pair of heels in my hand bag.

My name is Bryony Dodds and I’m the Saint Kidd fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Name: Bryony Dodds, but you can call me Bry

Job: Fashion journalism degree student and wannabe full-time blogger

Weirdest thing I’ve ever done: Had a raging crush on Boy George. Not entirely sure why, maybe it was the hat and braid combo? Don’t judge me too much, I was only six. Ok, I understand the judging. Luckily for me, my taste in men has changed a fair bit since then, no offence George.

Most days you’ll find me: Sitting on my ass, blogging. If we fast forward to September, however, then a combination of both sitting on my ass and finishing my degree.

Simpson lookalike: Apparently, Laura Powers. However I personally feel me and Sideshow Bob share more similarities…

Favourite Saint Kidd shirt: Nox Caelum.


Bryony blogs each Thursday and hits us with a High Five on Sundays – @brydodds


Time for your 1st April High 5…


Who’s got that Sunday feeling? This will lift your spirits…Our top 5 of the week!

Assassins Creed Black Flag
If you know a thing or two about Saint Kidd, then you’ll probably know we love everything pirate. Which is most likely the reason why we’re so darn obsessed with the latest offering from Assassins Creed. Black Flag is officially the coolest game ever! If, like us, you’ve ever fancied being transported to the Caribbean back in ye olden days, as a pirate, then you need this delight in your life. Seriously awesome and seriously fun.

Disney Movies
After talking about the superbly talented Nick Pitera and all his mighty Disneyness in last week’s High Five, we were left with an exceptional craving to watch some classics. A few were crossed off the list, and damn, did we forget how splendid Beauty and The Beast is. Now spill peasants, what are your favourites?

Lighter Nights
Spring is finally here and boy, are we excited. Longer days = more chance to soak up the delights of the world. No more darkness at 5:30, and isn’t it just great? Also, if you happen to live near the country, then you will of course have noticed all the cute bunnies and lambs scampering about, n’awww.

Will we ever tire of good o’l Starbucks? What a ridiculous question, course we won’t. Although 90% of the time we always stick to the same order, (wild things) there’s that 10% reserved for the times we are feeling just that little bit adventurous. We most recently tried a Caramel Macchiato, and om nom nom did it taste goooood. Also anyone agree how groovy the music they play in there is? We like.

Umbrellas have been our saviours this week. Rain = runny mascara + bad hair + a soggy face, which is never a good combination in SK’s books. However once we’ve opened up our brollie, that hideous combination is perished in an instant. Umbrellas, we luuurve you.

What’s you delightful chaps been enjoying these past seven days?

Words carefully sculpted into a perfect mould by Bryony Dodds

Style Guide: How Dougie does it

Bryony Dodds worked out the formula>


So first things first, let’s wave goodby to winter and welcome spring in with open arms.

Ignore the random downfalls of sleet and hail, it’s officially spring now and springtime gives us the chance to be a little more adventurous with our attire. No longer shall we shield ourselves from the cold with 5000 layers. Hell no, it’s time to show the world some flesh.

In moderation of course, we don’t want this getting x-rated…


See the above snap of Captain Doug. Notice how he (rather skill-fully) shows us all how bare a little skin.
Nothing too much, just a subtle hint of springtime exposure.

First he put his arms through the holes of some awesome tee. Wonder where he picked it up? Next up, jeans. Classic, skin-tights are all the range right now, so a slightly less fitted pair are a grand alternative for you fellas. Maybe add a rip in the knee if you’re feeling badass.

A wrist is incomplete (and realistically, naked) without a stack of bracelets piled high.
Finally, Dougie added a groovy bandana and he was ready to shimmy out the door. (For a treasure hunt, in this instance).

Oh no wait, that’s not everything though is it? What about all that flesh we were talking about? Well now’s the part where the captain rolled up his jeans.

Rolling is the secret to pulling-off showing that extra bit of skin. Ankle cleavage we like to call it. A totally simple way to add a little something extra to an outfit.

Ok, now Dougie was ready to shimmy on out.

High Five


Coconut Oil
If you haven’t already, you need to add some Coconut oil into your life. Not only can it be used in cooking, but it’s said to have an almost endless list of health benefits, too. Beauty wise, it can be used as a hair mask, moisturiser, and makeup remover. It’s also fantastic for the body’s immune system, strengthening, healing , helping digestion, and encouraging weight loss.

Ice Cream
Yeah we’ve been rambling on about healthy food and now we’ve found the perfect excuse to indulge thanks to this glorious equation… sun + weekend = ice cream, duhhh. And um, by ice cream, we mean 50 billion scoops. Sorry not sorry.

Disney YouTube Dude
If you’re looking for some 100% pure entertainment on this fine, fine day, then look no further than Nick Pitera. Nick is a real-life Disney prince. We’re not kidding, he actually looks like one and you could say he sings like one too. Check out ‘One Man Disney Movie’, where he belts out the part of a villain, hero, heroine (yup) and a load more, then mashes it together into a 9 minute delight. How on earth does he get his voice so darn high…?

White Company Wild Mint Candle
The definition of Spring for your nostrils, that’s right, we’re talking about no other than the White Company’s Wild Mint candle. If you like the smell of Mojito cocktails, then you’ll love this. Light, refreshing and b-e-a-utifully packaged, you need this bad boy in your living room well before the Easter bunny strikes. Which is pretty soon FYI.

The Cinema
Sometimes, it’s fun to chill with yo homies and go to the cinema. We usually combine it with dinner afterwards, but that big moving picture box is just great fun, right? The most recent watch was Gravity, a rather splendid watch. Mmm, popcorn.

What delights are incorporated into your High Five this week?

Ice cream was digested in the making of this Bryony Dodd blog


High Five


10 Second Songs
This week we’ve been loving Mr Anthony Vincent. If you haven’t heard his name before then go forth and check out ‘Ten Second Songs’ on YouTube. On the 4 minute clip he sings Katy Perry’s most recent hit, Dark Horse. You’re probably thinking ‘big whoop’, but Anthony does it like it has never been done before. A.k.a. Dark House in twenty different song styles. Everything from Michael Jackson to John Mayer, this fella is ridiculously talented.

Sport Relief
Events have been taking place across the country to help raise money for Sport Relief. From runs and hikes to swims and cycles, there were countless ways to get involved – and there were no short of individuals doing so. So far an amazing £53,370,743 has been raised, which will go towards changing the lives of people around the world. For more information on Sport Relief, visit http://www.sportrelief.com/.

Palette Furniture
As you already know, we love a bit of DIY at Saint Kidd HQ. But frames aren’t where it ends, hell no. If you came and gave us a visit at our pop-up store last year, you may have noticed our rather crafty display made of pallets. Oh you did? Well we think wooden pallets rock. They have so many uses and can totally jazz up a living space. So screw going to the homeware store, get makin’ your new coffee table.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Nourishing Lip Balm
Dry, cracked lips are a big no-no, therefore, enter the Nuxe Reve De Miel Nourishing Lip Balm. Repairing, soothing and, you guessed it from the name, nourishing. This baby gives the two-fingers to sore lips leaving you with a deliciously tasting, soft pout. Although we don’t recommend eating lip balm, we’re warning you advance, this one smells so darn good it’s a challenge to resist.

Mexican Food
We’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week. One thing in particular we’ve been enjoying is Mexican food. Oh boy, do we love a good Mexican feast. And we like it hot and spiceeeeeeey, too. As long as you don’t go to crazy with the ingredients you include, it can actually be a pretty healthy option . Healthy and equally scrumdidlyuptious food is the best.

What treats are hidden within your High Five this week?

Bryony Dodds loves chipotle


Style Guide:


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