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Style Guide: Denim Skirts

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The Summer is drawing to a close, meaning any leg baring opportunities are lessening by the day. Though I’m not normally one to get my pins out on a regular basis, the recent heat wave (which is now clearly over) has meant it’s been the more appealing option out of roasting and getting semi-naked.

The denim skirt is a total staple for any girl’s wardrobe. (sorry boys) In the summer, it’s the perfect option for keeping cool, however once the A/W season strikes, you’ve got a rad alternative to jeans. So long as you add tights, that is…


The trusty denim skirt goes with everything. Every style, every colour, and almost every occasion, and just like the favoured skinny jeans, you can dress it up or down. Winner. Not only that, but it also happens to be a pretty cool looking piece of fabric, too. I picked mine up for around the £20 mark, however if you’re looking to invest, you can also snap one up for a great deal more.

When sporting a denim skirt, I like to keep the rest of my look fairly casual, teaming a plain tee with a classic tartan number and of course, my leather, just on the off chance that rain chooses to emerge. Which when you’re living in the UK, nine out of ten times it will.

Are you a fan of the denim mini? How do you like to wear yours?

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