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Style Guide: The Plaid Shirt


Although jewellery is a rad and easy way to jazz up an outfit, occasionally it’s fun to do it a little differently. Something myself, and many others are opting do to after getting dressed and heading out the door, is to add a plaid shirt to the mix. Heck, it’s been far too warm as of late to sport such a thing, however instead tie-ing your shirt around the waist is a great way to add a little extra something to an attire. Currently the ‘in’ thing to do, this addition is both effortless and cool, and pretty darn comfy, too. Not only that, but if the rain makes an unwanted appearance… you’re safe.

Whilst the plaid shirt is a fairly adaptable piece, it’s best avoided if you’re already sporting a print-heavy getup. Not doing so could leave you looking a little OTT in the print department, and possibly give you a headache in the process. Bummer. I like to team my plaid shirts (I have quite the collection) with a simple tee, skinny jeans and boots combo, but shorts, a vest or even a dress would work just as well. Finally adding a little bling with a loom band courtesy of my little sister, and I’m good to go.

Are you a fan of the plaid shirt? How do you wear yours?


Style Guide: Striped Tees


Ask me my favourite city in the world, and I will most likely tell you Paris.
The culture, the food, the language – I dig it all. But the style, the style is what I most adore.

Parisian woman are beautiful. They have that whole, ‘effortlessly chic’ thing going on, and they seriously know how to work it. The look is adaptable and cool, and most of all, so easy to throw on. Probably why I’m such a fan?

The classic, and most ‘typically French’ wardrobe staple (minus a beret, of course) has to be the stripe breton tee. Adapted from French sailors, it was originally deemed ‘stylish’ thanks to Coco Chanel way back in the 30s after she paired one with palazzo pants. Since, the piece has been sported on fashionistas all over the globe, and for a good reason.


A wardrobe essential for just short of ninety years, the breton is the ideal candidate if you’re ever looking to invest in a staple piece to add to your collection. Otherwise, you can pick one up pretty reasonably from the likes of Zara, Petit Bateau and asos.

Thriving on the whole laid-back vibe, I chose to team my shirt with a trusty skinny jean and heel combo, before finishing off with a tan pouch and stack full’a rings. The hair frizz, however, came free of charge, and was courtesy of the heat wave we’re currently in the midst of.

This gem will never go out of fashion.
Are you a fan of the breton tee? How do you wear yours?

Blog by @BryDodds

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High Five: Festival Season!


So with Glastonbury well and truly over, it’s official – we’re now in the midst of festival season. Festivals are awesome. Great music, great atmosphere and most of all, great food. Ok, maybe not so much the food, but they really do rock. Sure, the weather might not always be top notch, but who cares, that just makes it all the more fun right? Are you heading to any festivals this summer?

Continuing with the whole summer, festival theme, we have headwear. Last year, floral crowns were all the range. One might even say you were practically naked without one delicately placed upon your head. This year, however, it’s a little different, for there’s a new accessory in town. Ladies (and gents) say hello to the headdress. A slightly less subtle take on last summer’s trend, these bad boys certainly know how to jazz up an outfit, and rather well, I’ll add. Currently the ‘must-have’ piece of the blogging world, your attire is simply bland without one.

Homemade smoothies
Although I do love a good Starbucks frappe from time to time, I don’t want to physically transform into one. To balance it out, I also happen to share a deep, meaningful connection with homemade smoothies. Healthy, energising and delicious – I can’t get enough. I personally like to add a cocktail of strawberries, blueberries, nectarines and raspberries (or any other fruit I can find) and finish off with greek yoghurt and flaxseed. Blend it up, and you’ll be thanking me later.

How I Met Your Mother
92.63% of the time, I much prefer tuning in to a movie over classic tv. Don’t ask me why, just view my Netflix account and you’ll see visible proof of this. Recently, however, I’ve found myself thoroughly enjoying a wee series called How I Met Your Mother. It is raaad. The last show I really got into was American Horror Story, and boy was that good too, but this is more on the light-hearted, funny side of things rather than the whole scary, sex every five minutes, kinda theme. Are you a fan?

Origins Drink-up Intensive Overnight Mask
Ok, so I’ve been a part of the Saint Kidd crew for just over a year now, so I’d say we’re pretty close, right? In that case, I’ve got a pretty great secret to share with you. A skincare secret. Sure, you may not exactly be jumping for joy at the topic of this said secret, but I think I may have possibly found the best skincare product ever. Really. My skin can sometimes get a little dry, be it from the sun, the heat, or the typical British breeze. Dehydrated skin, as I’m sure you’ll already know, is not only uncomfortable, but also a bad canvas for foundations and concealer. As much as you attempt to cover it up, your skin frustratingly rebels, and instead, attracts more attention to the problem area. …Enter the Origins Drink-up Intensive – a.k.a. the best facial mask ever. Apply a dollop over freshly cleansed skin, brush your teeth and hit the sack. In the morning, you’ll arise with a face as soft as a babies butt. Seriously – it rocks. Your skin basically ‘drinks up’ the product, leaving it hydrated, with no dry patches in sight. Can you tell I’m a fan?

Now tell me, what’s been rocking your boat this week?

Blog by @BryDodds


in the redwoods

Ok, so todays “Mystery” creature is my all-time favourite…Big Foot or ‘Sasquatch’ as it’s also known. In fact I’m such a MASSIVE Big Foot geek, that I actually took a trip to the giant Redwood forests of Northern California to go looking for them. Yep, I’m a Loser I know. To the native North Americans the ‘Sasquatch’ is believed to be a bad omen and to see one would suggest troublesome times are ahead. Flippin good job I didn’t see one now hey!

They are commonly described as…“Broad, square shoulders with arms of great length. Its head sat on its shoulder giving the appearance of no neck. The whole creature was covered in long dark brown hair.”

For the longest time locals assumed it was some kind of Ape that had escaped from a travelling circus freak show, until in 1924 a team of gold diggers (no, not women looking for men who are really rich) came across numerous large footprints in the ground of 14 inches long!!! (Roughly the length of an extra value size box of cornflakes).

One evening the men encountered a large “man-ape” on their travels and shot at it 3 times only to miss it as it ran off into the bushes. Well thought out lads, shooting at it won’t piss it off in the slightest now will it! Then later that evening, surprise surprise, guess who came back to visit the men in their cabin? Yep, Mr Big Foot and all his Big Foot mates!!! (That’s a lot of big feet). The creatures terrorised the men in the cabin, jumping on the roof, smashing on the door all through the night until sunrise when they decided enough was enough and left. The men quickly left, never to return.

What could be worse than that hey? Easy, being kidnapped by a family of Big Foots, that would be worse. Young Albert Osman had returned to his camp that night only to notice his belongings had been disturbed. Blaming it on animals looking for food he thought nothing more of it, until he was awaken in the middle of the night by being pushed down inside his sleeping bag and lifted up. He immediately thought it was bandits slinging him over a horse, but instead of galloping he felt slow and steady strides. Finally after many hours he came to a halt and in hearing grunting outside of the sleeping bag he carefully popped his head out. To his horror he was in a dark cave surrounded by 4 large figures, tall like men and hairy like an ape. After 3 days of nervously waiting to be eaten, one of the Sasquatch found his pouch of tobacco and proceeded to eat it. It quickly spat it out and ran out of the cave going mental. Seeing that the others followed, Albert quickly grabbed his belongings and made a dash for the cave entrance. He ran non-stop for 2 days and never looked back.

To Be Continued…

Blog by @TomAlexHooker

Style Guide – Knitwear

style guide photoshop pic

Living in England, one knows relying on the weather is never a sensible, nor realistic thing to do. One minute, you can be admiring bright, blue, stunning skies, the next – thunder and rain.

This frustratingly means the simple, daily task of getting dressed, can prove a little tricky. Is it hot? Is it cold? Am I gonna get rained on? More often than not, the answer to the latter, is yes.

This week, however, I think I may have discovered the perfect summer piece to keep you ‘just right’, come rain or shine. Ladies, (and gents) it’s time to reach for the knitwear.
Although classically an Autumn/Winter staple, knitwear comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning there’s something to suit each and every season. Knitwear on the finer side of the spectrum proves to be a great addition for weather wardrobe woes. It’s lightweight, looks rad and adds a hint of texture to an attire.


Similarly to a cotton t-shirt, it‘s ridiculously easy to style up. Throw on a pair of jeans, some shorts or a skirt, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to look good. On the occasions I’ve worn my tee, the weather has of course, been pretty changeable. Despite this, my temperature remained a-ok throughout, meaning adding/removing a jacket every five minutes was no longer a necessary procedure.

Of course, you don’t have to go for an unadorned item, like myself. From slender crops, to the printed and sleeved, there’s a knit to appeal to every taste and climate.
Who knows, now I’ve written this, the sun may shine for weeks on end, but rationally, I’m gonna keep rocking the knit.

Are you a fan of knitwear? What’s your Summer staple piece?

High Five – Le Tour Time


Howdy y’all. May I welcome you to Sunday.
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Style Guide: Tie Dye


If you regularly read the weekly Style Guides you may have already figured that I am the Queen of monochrome. Black, white, grey – you name it, I dig it. Recently, however, I’ve clearly been feeling exceptionally adventurous – check me out, being all wild and sporting some pattern.
Tie-dye, to be specific.

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When Life Gets Tough, Think You Could Be An Olive Ridley!


Imagine if all the women in the world only gave birth in a handful of hospitals across the globe during only one of 4 weeks a year. Read more…

High Five: RIO


This weeks high five comes to you from Ipanema beach in Rio. Saint Kidd are in town for the World Cup and we are in love with all things Brazilian.
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